To War

Hurrah for more poetry! This is another from the recent collection of works that I wrote. The photo below only really relates to the last two stanzas or so, but it’s so pretty that I just had to include it. I so badly just want to experience the freedom she must be feeling right now. It’s also not my photo, so all credit to the owner! Enjoy.

I do not own this photo!

To War

My mind has been colonized by an enemy force,
who throws grenades, fires guns and murders my thoughts.
It has me divided, on two sides I stand
My own enemy
My own captive
Slave to my own hand

And inside my mind a war is raging
Between myself and another who I don’t claim to be
This thing, this imposter that invaded my life
Who brought anguish and shame
night after night

Slept restless like a babe in the lonesome dark
till break of dawn
till break of fast

But the troops have been rallied
The battle begun
Red poppies are flowering
The white flag is flung

My family, my soldiers
Have the enemy defeated
That imposter, that dementor
The voice has retreated.


2 thoughts on “To War

  1. Courtenay, I love the monster and this poem so much. Love the maturity of the voice. Erin wanted to share them with me and I’m so glad she did. Beautiful and evocative. Anne b xxx

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