Strawberry Teff Loaf + Cooking Therapy

I’ve been cooking a bit lately. And I find it deliciously therapeutic. I love the process of combining and creating because it’s rhythmical and calculated. It’s quiet. And I’m happy to admit that I still feel a surge of excitement when everything works as it’s supposed to! Whoever knew that adding this to that would make something so-damn-goooood?! I’ve also realised that mixing a bowl of ingredients … Continue reading Strawberry Teff Loaf + Cooking Therapy

Marbled Chocolate-Chai Brownie Slice

Oh yes, my dear friends, you heard me. Chocolate. Chai. Brownies. Perhaps I should add a few adjectives… How about rich Chocolate-Chai Brownie slice with lashings of marbled sunflower seed butter that melts and oozes like liquid gold. Too much? 😉 These brownies are super easy, handy, yummy and not to mention full of wholesome ingredients! I may have eaten four already! They are also … Continue reading Marbled Chocolate-Chai Brownie Slice

Chunky Banana Oat Cookies

Do you ever find yourself turned off by a recipe because of the number of items on the ingredient list, or perhaps the fact that you can’t even pronounce half of the words to begin with?  Well, I feel your pain, I really do! Sadly, half of the recipes I come across on the internet use ingredients that are expensive and hard to come by, and while I would love … Continue reading Chunky Banana Oat Cookies

Cinnamon Pecan Butter

If peanut butter is the King of all nut-butters, then Cinnamon Pecan Butter is the Queen. In fact, despite my status as a self-professed peanut-butter addict, I personally think that there are tonnes of other combinations of nutty goodness that are equally as delicious! (I mean, have you eaten roasted almond-cashew butter!?) Try this recipe for Cinnamon Pecan Butter, affectionately know as liquid gold, and you may find that … Continue reading Cinnamon Pecan Butter