Strawberry Teff Loaf + Cooking Therapy

I’ve been cooking a bit lately. And I find it deliciously therapeutic. I love the process of combining and creating because it’s rhythmical and calculated. It’s quiet. And I’m happy to admit that I still feel a surge of excitement when everything works as it’s supposed to! Whoever knew that adding this to that would make something so-damn-goooood?! I’ve also realised that mixing a bowl of ingredients … Continue reading Strawberry Teff Loaf + Cooking Therapy

3 months until 1 year

Today, the 1st of February 2015, marks three months until I jump on board an aeroplane and fly halfway around the world to Switzerland. I’m excited. Also slightly scared. Ok, very scared.  As it so happens, I haven’t had the brain capacity to think much about the fast approaching year of 2016. Seriously, where did 2015 go? The endless university and visa applications I’ve had to … Continue reading 3 months until 1 year

Is the entire human race rushing to its death?

I have been pondering slowness as of late. And I very much like the idea of it. But what does it actually look like to live slow? And how can I live a slower life when all around me things demand my attention, demand to be started and finished and started all over again? In my writing class at uni the other day, we read an … Continue reading Is the entire human race rushing to its death?

Slow down everyone, you’re moving too fast…

She moved softly about the kitchen in the quietness of the early morning. Eyelids downcast beneath the heavy, happy warmth that filtered in through the open window. Outside, gentle, blue-skied winter. On the stove, yellow flames licked at the bottom of a blackened pot, its contents slowly bubbling. Slowly, slowly. Stirring slowly. Yesterday, three things happened that I felt compelled to put into words. 1. I … Continue reading Slow down everyone, you’re moving too fast…

Would you like beans with that?

If you read my post “5 Things I Love to Hate About Air Travel“ you’ll know that I greatly dislike plane/airport food. Not only because it is astronomically expensive, but also because it is stodgy and less like food than one cares to admit. It’s also heavy on the waste and packaging which, truth be told, stresses me out. Heck, except for a few items … Continue reading Would you like beans with that?

5 things I love to hate about air travel

Inexpensive air travel is great, don’t get my wrong, but after hopping on and off 7 different planes in the last 18 days, there are a few things that have caught my attention… for the worst. 1. The waste I understand that airlines are catering for A LOT of people every single day, but forgive me for not wanting to accept my body weight in … Continue reading 5 things I love to hate about air travel

Dog ate my passport!

Dog ate your homework? Ha, no worries. It’s your passport you gotta watch out for! All things considered, our departure to Vietnam from the motherland (Sydney) was relatively smooth. Did I mention Erin’s puppy, Russell, got a wee bit hungry and had a nibble of my passport? The day before our flight. Yes. I kid you not. That really did happen. (See above for evidence of the … Continue reading Dog ate my passport!