This is a piece called Distortion. It was fascinating to me how easily the words came to me once I began to write. I usually stick to creative prose, but me oh my, perhaps writing poetry will become my new found love? Or maybe I’m just getting cocky?

For those of you who are not aware, the “He” in this work is God, the God of my life. The guy who loves me with an unfailing love that I am sometimes, sadly, unable to recognise.This is not my photo


The mirror reflects but she cannot see

Finds the faults in the temple
Brings dishonor to He

Fearfully, wonderfully, gloriously made
My child, burdened, come to me

A sacrifice was made
Blood was spilled
That you should have life,
And life to the full

For to set the mind on the flesh is death
Consumed by consumption
And the size of your dress

Let go, free the mind,
Think back
to a time

When your joy was abundant
And your face, how it glowed
Think back to the time
When you were alive
not merely living,
nor existing

Oh, child of mine.


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