Dog ate my passport!

Dog ate your homework? Ha, no worries. It’s your passport you gotta watch out for!


All things considered, our departure to Vietnam from the motherland (Sydney) was relatively smooth. Did I mention Erin’s puppy, Russell, got a wee bit hungry and had a nibble of my passport?

The day before our flight.

Yes. I kid you not. That really did happen. (See above for evidence of the perpetrator, caught in the act)

Initial phone calls to the passport office were not promising. My passport, it seemed, would be deemed unfit for travel. Uh oh.

Luckily, Erin (being the bright spark that she is) had the sense to drive into the airport as soon as she discovered the nibbled evidence. There she charmed the friendly (or not) folk at immigrations who examined the passport and gave it the all clear, diagnosing it with “minor damage”. We were given a rather unofficial letter to carry on our journey and present should I be stopped and questioned about the state of my chew-toy. I mean passport.

We discovered, upon reading the letter, that it really said nothing of use. Oh, except that my passport may be “impounded and cancelled” if deemed significantly damaged… Eeek!

When we arrived for our flight the next day, I was asked more than once what type of dog it had been or whether I just got a little hungry. “An Irish terrier” I told them, as if the breed of dog made my claim more legitimate, “and yes, passports make for good eatin’, didn’t you know?”

Immigrations were a little suspicious of my passport-chomping self, but Erin had obviously made an impression, and we were given the green light. Ah, the relief! Of course, we had no guarantee of how the Vietnamese officials would receive my chew-toy/passport. But hey, they like dogs right…?



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