Love is in the air.

Two weddings in two weeks, one Saturday after the other. That’s a whole lotta love in a very short space of time. To tell you the truth, it’s totally overwhelmed me. Totally and utterly, because I was reminded of the human capacity to love. I guess that sounds a little bleak (and soppy), doesn’t it? But honestly, I needed to be overwhelmed. Because it can be so very easy … Continue reading Love is in the air.

Why fitness magazines are ruining your health

Our society’s current interest with health and wellbeing is a great thing, but when that interest is driven by guilt and obsession, things start to turn nasty. Unfortunately, fitness magazines have been, well… less than helpful in promoting a sustainable approach to fitness, health and wellbeing. Your body is not a “problem” that needs solving. Does seeing images of taut and toned tums on every … Continue reading Why fitness magazines are ruining your health

Your Body

Your body doesn’t read Vogue. Your body doesn’t watch the Victoria’s Secret runway show. Your body doesn’t know what a size 8 is. Your body doesn’t know that it’s main function, according to you, is to look attractive. Your body doesn’t know that you consider it ugly, unsatisfactory, gross. Your body doesn’t know that you’re ashamed of it, that you don’t want it to take … Continue reading Your Body

Letting Go

I’ve always been an “all or nothing” kind of person. I’m a perfectionist by nature and if I commit to something then I’ll most often do my best at whatever that task might be. Commit to HSC? Check. Commit to sport? Check. Commit to “healthy eating”? Check. Determination, willpower, perfectionism – they’re all characteristics that you’ll find in people who suffer from eating disorders. So … Continue reading Letting Go

Why I don’t like the media/advertising industry

It’s actually quite strange how obsessed the world is with the female body. Yes, I know, men get it too, but not nearly to the same extent as women. It sounds a little funny, but it’s genuinely challenging to go a whole day without seeing a scantily clad female body plastered on a billboard or objectified in some way. Think about it; how many times … Continue reading Why I don’t like the media/advertising industry

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Erin, who has listened without judgement, loved without restraint, supported without questioning and always, always made me feel worthy. I think the title of this post sums up what I’m going to say pretty well. If you suffer from an eating disorder, or know someone who has, then I’m sure you would have experienced the strict “rules” that … Continue reading Liar, liar, pants on fire!