Strawberry Teff Loaf + Cooking Therapy

I’ve been cooking a¬†bit¬†lately. And I find it deliciously therapeutic. I love the process of combining and creating because it’s rhythmical and calculated. It’s quiet. And I’m happy to admit that I still feel a surge of excitement when everything works as it’s supposed to! Whoever knew that adding this to that would make something so-damn-goooood?! I’ve also realised that mixing a bowl of ingredients … Continue reading Strawberry Teff Loaf + Cooking Therapy

Love is in the air.

Two weddings in two weeks, one Saturday after the other. That’s a whole lotta love in a very short space of time.¬†To tell you the truth,¬†it’s totally overwhelmed me. Totally and utterly, because¬†I was reminded of the¬†human capacity to love. I guess that sounds a little bleak (and soppy), doesn’t it? But honestly, I needed to be overwhelmed. Because it can be so very easy … Continue reading Love is in the air.

Fearfully and wonderfully made… or not?

Recently, I¬†stood up the front of my church and told 25 or so highschoolers that they are all fearfully and wonderfully made. I told them that their bodies are precious, precious temples and that God doesn’t make mistakes. I meant every word of it. Every single word. Not long afterwards,¬†when all the hype and craziness of the night had passed, I felt a prick of … Continue reading Fearfully and wonderfully made… or not?

3 months until 1 year

Today, the 1st of February 2015, marks three months until I jump on board an aeroplane and fly halfway around the world to Switzerland. I’m excited. Also slightly scared. Ok, very scared.¬† As it so happens, I haven’t had the brain capacity to think much about the fast approaching¬†year of 2016. Seriously, where did 2015 go? The endless university and visa applications I’ve had to … Continue reading 3 months until 1 year

How to go slow: part 2

If you’ve been tagging along with my exploration of slow living, you’ll know that I’ve been doing some¬†weird and wonderful things in an attempt to¬†cultivate slowness in my life. You might want to catch up with Part 1 of¬†How to Go Slow¬†before reading on.¬†This is Part 2. I like to think that it’s equally as weird, equally as wonderful. The executing of slowness, extended edition: … Continue reading How to go slow: part 2

How to go slow: part 1

To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual – Oscar Wilde Lately, I‚Äôve been trying (sometimes in vain) to live a slower life. I‚Äôve been trying to quieten my mind and focus my attention on single tasks in order to cultivate productivity and efficiency. I‚Äôve been trying to practice mindfulness, notice my surroundings, … Continue reading How to go slow: part 1

Is the entire human race rushing to its death?

I have been pondering slowness¬†as of late. And I very much like the idea of it. But what does it actually look like to live slow? And how can I live a slower life when all around me things demand my attention, demand to be started and finished and started all over again? In my writing class at uni the other day, we read an … Continue reading Is the entire human race rushing to its death?

Slow down everyone, you’re moving too fast…

She moved softly about the kitchen in the quietness of the early morning. Eyelids downcast beneath¬†the heavy, happy warmth that filtered in through the open window. Outside, gentle, blue-skied winter. On the stove, yellow flames licked at the bottom of a blackened pot, its contents slowly bubbling. Slowly, slowly. Stirring slowly. Yesterday, three things happened that I felt compelled to put into words. 1. I … Continue reading Slow down everyone, you’re moving too fast…

7 things I am digging at the moment

For better or for worse, I’m the sort of person who gets really into things. And by “into” I mean a step down from completely obsessed. So I thought I’d share the random assortment of things¬†that I’ve been digging (not literally) as of late, just for¬†conversation’s sake, ya know? Soon enough I’ll be¬†up and gone, so I figure it’s good to make the most of … Continue reading 7 things I am digging at the moment