Dog ate my passport!

Dog ate your homework? Ha, no worries. It’s your passport you gotta watch out for! All things considered, our departure to Vietnam from the motherland (Sydney) was relatively smooth. Did I mention Erin’s puppy, Russell, got a wee bit hungry and had a nibble of my passport? The day before our flight. Yes. I kid you not. That really did happen. (See above for evidence of the … Continue reading Dog ate my passport!

Why fitness magazines are ruining your health

Our society’s current interest with health and wellbeing is a great thing, but when that interest is driven by guilt and obsession, things start to turn nasty. Unfortunately, fitness magazines have been, well… less than helpful in promoting a sustainable approach to fitness, health and wellbeing. Your body is not a “problem” that needs solving. Does seeing images of taut and toned tums on every … Continue reading Why fitness magazines are ruining your health

Your Body

Your body doesn’t read Vogue. Your body doesn’t watch the Victoria’s Secret runway show. Your body doesn’t know what a size 8 is. Your body doesn’t know that it’s main function, according to you, is to look attractive. Your body doesn’t know that you consider it ugly, unsatisfactory, gross. Your body doesn’t know that you’re ashamed of it, that you don’t want it to take … Continue reading Your Body

Letting Go

I’ve always been an “all or nothing” kind of person. I’m a perfectionist by nature and if I commit to something then I’ll most often do my best at whatever that task might be. Commit to HSC? Check. Commit to sport? Check. Commit to “healthy eating”? Check. Determination, willpower, perfectionism – they’re all characteristics that you’ll find in people who suffer from eating disorders. So … Continue reading Letting Go