Would you like beans with that?

If you read my post “5 Things I Love to Hate About Air Travel“ you’ll know that I greatly dislike plane/airport food. Not only because it is astronomically expensive, but also because it is stodgy and less like food than one cares to admit. It’s also heavy on the waste and packaging which, truth be told, stresses me out. Heck, except for a few items … Continue reading Would you like beans with that?

Raw & Wild- a cafe review!

Location: Bowral, NSW Good for: The hungry health nut (and everyone else!) “Excellent health starts with excellent food”, reads the first line of the “about me” section on Raw & Wild’s Facebook page. And excellent food is right. One may be forgiven for thinking that by simply stepping into this airy café that excellent health has also suddenly been achieved. (It seems that being surrounded … Continue reading Raw & Wild- a cafe review!