3 months until 1 year

Today, the 1st of February 2015, marks three months until I jump on board an aeroplane and fly halfway around the world to Switzerland. I’m excited. Also slightly scared. Ok, very scared. 

Pic via Pinterest

As it so happens, I haven’t had the brain capacity to think much about the fast approaching year of 2016. Seriously, where did 2015 go? The endless university and visa applications I’ve had to fill out haven’t felt real to me and it’s only just becoming apparent that I’ll be gone for an entire year. A whole lot can happen in a year. Will things change back home? Undoubtedly. Will people be gone when I get back? Maybe. Will I experience a whopper of a transformation? I sure hope so.

Pic via http://flyswitzerland.com/
Pic via http://flyswitzerland.com/

When I’m there I’ll be living in Fribourg, a bi-lingual city of more than 36,000 people. I can already (sort of) speak French, so I’ve got plans to learn German or Italian once I get language numéro 1 down pat. Pourquoi pas? When in Switzerland…

3 months is not a long time left in the country, so I’ve made myself a wee promise that I will do my best to enjoy where and when I am before the big move.

Pic via Pinterest

From what I’ve heard, Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but I’m already predicting that there will be some things I’m going to miss when I’m over in the land of chocolate and cheese. My friends and family – that’s a given. My dog. The beach. The Australian weather. And maybe even our easy going way of life.

Basically, I want to give all of these things 110% of my time and attention before I disappear.

Pic via Pinterest

So, here’s to three months of summer sunshine before the big move. Here’s to 3 months of living life at 110%. And what happens after that? I guess we’ll find out!

The way I see it, 92 days is still plenty of time for memory-making.


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