Slow down everyone, you’re moving too fast…

She moved softly about the kitchen in the quietness of the early morning. Eyelids downcast beneath the heavy, happy warmth that filtered in through the open window. Outside, gentle, blue-skied winter. On the stove, yellow flames licked at the bottom of a blackened pot, its contents slowly bubbling. Slowly, slowly. Stirring slowly.

Yesterday, three things happened that I felt compelled to put into words.

1. I so enjoy my breakfast that I decided that porridge is in fact an art form.

Have you heard of Breakfast Induced Excitement (BIE)? Or Post Breakfast Depression (PBD)? Both very real things, if experience is anything to go by. For Wednesday Breakfast Club this week, I experienced BIE in all its glory. Creamy porridge, slowly cooked and softening over a warm stove is surely the stuff of breakfasting dreams. It was a combination of many things that made this particular bowl so utterly satisfying: Brookfarm gluten free Porrij, banana, creamy soy milk, cinnamon, turmeric, nuts and… olive oil.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 7.19.34 pm

Second, my love and need and want for slowness was reaffirmed. Slow mornings, slow moments. Slowness in the midst of chaos. We need this. The human spirit needs slowness. Life is too transitory these days, too fleeting. I am almost convinced that all of humanity is rushing to its (our?) death. Rushing, rushing, always rushing. Needless to say, my breakfast wouldn’t have been half as enjoyable had I been gulping it down in a hurry. Slowness.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 7.27.23 pm

And coming in at number three: the discovery that olive oil on porridge is a very, very good idea. My parents so kindly gifted me a dainty little bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Wollombi Village Vineyard in the Hunter Valley, NSW, and it has accompanied many of my meals ever since. Never once have I thought to put it on porridge though, until I saw this post on Instagram. In an attempt to divert somewhat my full-blown peanut butter addiction, I subbed my usual tablespoon (or three) of said nutty substance for a good glug of fruity, fragrant liquid gold. The results? A most amazing flavour combination. Smooth, creamy…and altogether satisfying. A hug in a bowl, no less. Do try it. When life is slow, of course.



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