7 things I am digging at the moment

For better or for worse, I’m the sort of person who gets really into things. And by “into” I mean a step down from completely obsessed. So I thought I’d share the random assortment of things that I’ve been digging (not literally) as of late, just for conversation’s sake, ya know?

Soon enough I’ll be up and gone, so I figure it’s good to make the most of the present moment, enjoy the little things, carpe diem and all that jazz. So, without further ado, I present to you 7 things I am digging at the moment.


Red. And dry, please. Oh yes, friends, gone are the days of puckered up faces and utter alcohol-related disgust. I have come to believe that life is sweeter (and longer?) with a glass of (quality) vino in your hand. I’m also smitten by the way wine stimulates conversation and seems to suggest to its drinkers something along the lines of “here we all are, let’s stay a while, have a chat”. Call me nostalgic, but there is something lovely and slow about sharing a glass with a friend.

Pic via William Sonoma


Cliché, I know. But to be honest, it’s be so long since I’ve sunk right into a book and gobbled up it’s delicious words. It feels nice to find tiny snippets of time to do this again. Lately I’ve been reading Harry Potter et l’École des Sorciers (that’s Harry Potter No.1 in French folks – a challenge to say the least) and Rushing Woman’s Syndrome, by Dr Libby Weaver. It’s a non-fictional, science-y sort of read, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. In fact, I’ve unashamedly identified myself as a rushing woman who needs to slow down and I’m making small changes to become better at being. Read it, you’ll see what I mean.



What is the magical bean?! And how is it so delicious? I used to think coffee tasted like sour bin juice (much like wine) but now I cannot think of a more satisfying and enjoyable experience. Because that’s what it is, or should be: an experience. Take away is ok, but sitting down to really savour the flavour, the aroma, the company… That is the way to enjoy a good brew, be it black, white or something in between. That said, I think my caffeine tolerance is quite pathetic at times. #cantsleepwontsleep

Ps. double mocha chocka vanilla iced frappe lattes and all that palaver from Starbucks do not count as coffee in my humble-pie opinion.

Pic via Cottage in the Oaks


I’ve been soaking up the goodness (even if it is a little chilly) before I move overseas and have to say goodbye for a year. It is truly is magical place, the ocean. Today was so close to perfect… cool, refreshing, crisp, clear. Like a big blue jewel. The picture below is my beloved home.



Extra virgin. On everything. Or by itself. Savoury. Sweet. On porridge, in smoothies, on salads, with toast. Gimme gimme gimme. Lately I’ve been glugging down Squeaky Gate and Cobram Estate. Yes, that rhymed. And yes, I may have 3 bottles. And yes, olive oil is one of few true superfoods.

While we’re on this subject… I have been wondering as of late why olive oil sometimes burns my throat a wee bit, making me cough and splutter. Well, apparently it’s a good thing: “Fresh extra virgin olive oil has a high level of polyphenols – a powerful anti-oxidant. So normally the stronger the oil, in terms of peppery or bitter taste, the more polyphenols in the oil. The sign of a very healthy oil is one that makes you cough or tingles the back of your throat. It’s nothing to worry about”. An interesting factoid for your collection, from the folks at Squeaky Gate Growers Co.

Pic via Squeaky Gate Growers Co.


And by that I mean the words. I don’t even know what they mean, but don’t they sound good? Damn right impressive if you ask me. They ooze sophistication. Maybe I should just google them. Maybe you should too.

Pic via Pamela Sandford


By now you probably think I’m a mad woman, right? Olive oil, strange words…and apples under my bed? Don’t get your knickers in a knot, I’m actually talking about a blog written by Heidi Sze. It’s probably the best thing since olive oil. Heidi would agree. At the risk of sounding uber creepy, here is an example of why I love her/her instagram/her blog so very much:

“Life is short, do it well. Buy yourself fresh berries and figs, bake your brother a chocolate cake, open the expensive bottle of wine and use the good towels. And then, when they are too worn and are no longer good towels, buy even better ones. Oh, and make your friends tiramisu. Or pie.

If that isn’t a good manifesto then I don’t know what is!

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 7.58.03 PM
Pic via Heidi’s Instagram

Et voila! I hope you enjoyed my random collection of beloved stuff. It certainly is the little things.


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