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Cloud_sky_over_BrestI love the Traveller magazine in the Sydney Morning Herald. It’s the first part of the paper I turn to when the weekend arrives. I love the colour, the vibrancy, the sharing of experiences, the reminder that the world is unimaginably huge and complex. I love that there is always somewhere new and exciting to explore, or at least dream about.

Every week there’s a section called ‘Flight Test’ where journalists rate and review a flight path from point A to point B. Often the journalist travels in business class, so I assume they get a wee bit pampered (no doubt with wine, a toothbrush and maybe even a reclining chair!) and the review is written accordingly. Evidently, as a student with a casual job, I don’t travel in business class. So my review is also (sadly) written accordingly.  


Air Asia

The Route:

Sydney to Kuala Lumpur




We took carry-on only which included a small wheelie bag and a backpack.IMG_1431


Without meaning to sound nasty or degrading, the staff were not the most friendly bunch. Nor the more accommodating or efficient. My guesstimations suggest that I asked for water at least 6 times before receiving anything. It was a true mission to get so much as a drop! When I finally did receive some, it was thrust my way without a second glance.

After paying for a meal, I asked at least four times for my change, and after asking a final time, was told that I had already been given it. Say what?! The flight attendant proceeded to tell me that I had paid with $15 and should expect only $1 change. I had in fact paid with a $20 note and our meals cost $14. You do the math.

Long story short, I eventually received my $6 change but was made to feel like a bit of a liar. The flight attendant who finally gave me the mula implied that I should have been more patient. I can do patience, don’t get me wrong (hence the 40 minute wait for water and change), but some communication would have been much appreciated.5656492

The verdict:

I love a good budget buy. Especially when it comes to air travel. If an airline can fly me over the big blue ocean on the cheap then I shall gladly embrace the uncomfortable seats and lack of leg room for the duration of the flight. Perhaps ‘gladly embrace’ is too strong… ‘quietly endure’ may be a more apt choice of words.

I don’t endeavour to sound like a privileged, snooty white girl with my inconsequential first world problems, but I do wish to inform my fellow travellers of our unfortunate experience with the ‘World’s Best Low-Cost Airline’ airline. ‘You get what you pay for’, or so the saying goes, but I was so unimpressed with this flight that I would go so far as to say that we got less than we should have considering what we paid.

Oh and do you remember your last delicious airline meal? Yeah, well, neither do I. 

These days you have to pay extra for seats, baggage and credit-card use with many airlines, so perhaps I’m being too harsh on Air Asia? Maybe I should expect to be paying for some water-on-demand and a smile or two?

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 5.15.02 pm

One more thing:

If you dare to bother the flight attendants with a request for water, and are lucky enough to receive some, expect a cup of hot water a few scant ice cubes. You have been warned.


3 thoughts on “Flight Test

  1. Air Asia offers a basic and average experience, but nothing above. Thanks for your extensive review. Especially the scene with the food was quite funny (however, not for you in that moment). Maybe you’ll have the pleasure to write some amazing Business Class reveiws someday, too 🙂

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