5 things I love to hate about air travel

Inexpensive air travel is great, don’t get my wrong, but after hopping on and off 7 different planes in the last 18 days, there are a few things that have caught my attention… for the worst.

1. The waste

I understand that airlines are catering for A LOT of people every single day, but forgive me for not wanting to accept my body weight in plastic utensils, cups, water bottles and other unnecessary tidbits. Surely the sheer number of passengers is an indicator that a more sustainable approach to feeding and watering us all is a must. Are there airlines that favour biodegradable materials? I sure hope so.

2. The difficulty or complete inability of refilling a reusable water bottle

Ditto to the above point. I don’t want 5 plastic water bottles (ahem… Air Asia), I just want to refill my own. Oh, the injustice (and landfill)!

IMG_1980 (1)

3. The weird body stuff

Perhaps it’s just me, but air travel really messes with my mojo (whatever that even means). Maybe it’s all the fluorescent lighting in the terminal, or all the humming and buzzing on the plane, or the over-eager use of air-con and heating, or the crampy-ness, or the boredom (oh, the boredom!). Whatever it is, I’m prone to a whopper of a headache, a loss of appetite and a general sort of ‘off’ feeling. Brain fuzz and yellow wee. Ya feel me?

4. Cranky, unhelpful staff:

If you are not a people person, may I propose that being a flight attendant is not your ideal form of employment. Just sayin’.

5. Exuberantly expensive airport food

I’m sorry, but it’s not okay to charge $8.90 for 200g tub of yoghurt. Or $4.20 for an espresso, for that matter. I mean seriously?! What in the world!? Sarah Wilson has some good tips for foodies taking a flight. All I can say is thank goodness for au naturel pre-packed snacks. I shall take my bag of nuts, my fruit and my homemade goodies over your sodium-laden plane goop any day, thankyouverymuch.



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