Stop, drop and roll.

It’s true, is it not, that we humans get an odd sense of satisfaction knowing what other people pack for holidays? Or eat, for that matter. Or buy, or do, or wear. We are curious creatures.

It’s weird, really, but I like it.

I am an unashamed (ok, slightly ashamed) Instagram stalker. So yes, I do want to know what you wear, eat, do, buy and maybe even pack when you go on holidays. I want you to take that picture of your hipster-esque cafe lunch in all its tantalising food-porny glory. I want you to show me where you went and what you did on the weekend. What adventures did you have? (Show me!)


So, in keeping with the creepy and curious nature of this post, I’m gon’ show you the innards of my suitcase in the lead up to my trip to Vietnam this coming Sunday, i.e. tomorrow. Gulp!

18 days with less than 7kgs of carry-on luggage? You better believe it. I’m a little apprehensive. But mostly excited. Find out why here.

So without further ado, here’s what I’m packing. Maybe it’ll help you out with what to pack on your next minimalist-y adventure… or maybe, like me, you’re just a creepy, curious human.


As you can see, I like to stop, drop and rooollllll my clothes for maximum space and crease-less-ness upon arrival. It works a gem! With toiletries and chargers added post-photograph, my bag weighed in at just below 7kgs. And yes, I did (grudgingly) abide by the 100ml rule for liquids.

Oh, and those brand-spanking new sandals are my super comfy Teva Original Universals, purchased specifically for the bustling streets of ‘Nam. I’ll be putting them to the test, so stay tuned!


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