Purposeful Writing?

Two posts in one day, that’s a rarity! If you read my last post, you’ll know that today is the type of day where I look at old photographs and bury myself in books and drinks litres and litres of steaming hot tea. But as perfectly Autumnal as the day has been, I’ve noticed that I’m restless, that I’m yearning for something. What could it be? The answer comes easily: a sense of purpose. Stay with me for a minute, because I don’t mean to get all metaphysical on you, I’m simply yearning for a sense of purpose in what I’m writing here at Earth to Heart.

My mind is full to the brim with ideas and thoughts, but to tie them all together, to have some overriding theme, well that’s a different story.

Does anyone have any tips for blogging? Or tips on how to find your niche?

Help a novice blogger out, would you? Comments kindly appreciated!



3 thoughts on “Purposeful Writing?

  1. It certainly helps to have a clear idea on what your blog is “supposed to be about” but never let it constrain your creativity!
    Keep writing and you’ll find your voice and then stumble upon your niche. Listen to the creative part of your writing – if that makes sense. I hope this helps.

      1. And if it helps, your blog seems to have a theme/purpose to me anyway (might be that you’re thinking about it too much). Good times with nature and ways to relax, getting in tune with yourself…I think it’s an awesome blog!

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