Having just returned from a rather epic bout of travel only a few days ago, I can safely say that I am glad to be sitting here at my nice, clean desk in my nice, airy house in my cosy little town. I can hear the waves rumbling like thunder down on the beach. I can feel and hear the sea breeze as it whispers through the trees. I can smell the salt and feel the warmth from the sun on my skin. It seems that no matter where I go, there is nowhere quite so magical as home…

There are, however, a few places that come quite close and possess a different kind of magic… A kind of magic that is equally as exciting because it is new and different and utterly unknown to us. Every place – every country – holds its own piece of magic, whether it is found in the people or the landscape or the food or the language. I believe it’s our job to discover this magic for ourselves; to uncover and explore all that this world has to offer.

So, if you will be so kind, I’d like to invite you to share in my most recent journeys and maybe even uncover a little bit of magic for yourself.



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