Adventures in Melbourne

So I’ve heard that Melbourne is the food capital of Australia. And, let’s be honest, it would be wrong of me to try and argue otherwise. I’ll admit, I haven’t even been to every capital city in our sunburnt country, but so far, Melbs takes gold. I’d been there once before for a measly 3 or so days and hardly got to sample any of the fine cuisine that this beautiful city (evidence below) has to offer. ImageThis time, I was determined that I would get to see what all the hype was about. I went to a lot of beautiful eateries, some of which I had researched before hand and some that we discovered along the way. I was particularly excited because many of the cafes catered for people with particular diets. I’m talking vegan, raw-vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and everything in between! The actual number of these groovy establishments seems far greater than in Sydney, maybe because everything in Melbourne just seems so close together – the good old tram makes it super easy to get from A to B!

One of the first places we went to refuel after a morning spent perusing the quirky delights of Brunswick Street in Fitzroy was warehouse-style eatery called Vegie Bar. From the outside Vegie Bar is pretty unassuming. We would have walked straight past it if it weren’t for the fluorescent red and green sign. All I can say is thank goodness for that humble sign and thank goodness for the fact that my mum was hungry. She was on the lookout for Vegie Bar after her friend recommended it to her… so thank goodness for friends with super duper suggestions! ImageAfter walking in and realising that there was no chance in the entire galaxy that we were going to get a table for four (even on a Wednesday!) the super busy waiter asked if we would like to sit in the courtyard. Um, yes please, Mr Waiter, was all I could think after eyeing off the mountainous plates of deliciousness that sat on the tables around me. Gimme the foooood!

My best friend and I both ordered the Raw Living Vegetable stack. Yeah, you heard me. Raw. Living. Vegetable. Stack.

Sitting at my computer right now I’m actually failing to articulate how good this meal was. Not only was it down-right amazeballs on the taste buds, but it was nourishing, incredibly colourful and full of healthy superfoods. Let’s begin the eyeball feast, shall we? ImageCheck out all those colours! (Oh so wonderfully captured by my state of the art iPhone…)

On the bottom was a giant mushy slathered in cashew cream. Next came the veggie stack with layers of thinly sliced zucchini and other goodies. On top of that was what I remember to be some sort of creamy tomato and beetroot sauce sort of thing. And on the side, to perfectly complement the main affair, we have a fresh salad topped with cheesy kale chips, a creamy and mysterious green sauce and some more delicious diced salsa-esque veg.

Obviously if I had the menu, or even better, a perfect memory, I could properly tell you what was going on on my plate, but alas, I was way too busy licking the cashew cream off my fork to bother with that.



One thought on “Adventures in Melbourne

  1. I ordered it last night… the sauces and chips were really yummy..was expecting a bit more for such fancy name. Main ingredient was green salad leaves.I was expecting a bit more out of the dish than just the salad leaves and grated carrot.

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