A recipe for dreaming!

A while ago my mum gave me a newspaper clipping and I think it was a bit of a hint… a bit of a “come on, girl, get moving”.

And so, move I did.

The article was published in the Sun-Herald and was about the “motivated, articulate young Australians” who are successfully blogging their way through life, attracting readers (and a lot of ’em!) and sharing their passions with the world! It’s some pretty inspiring stuff, especially considering how young they all are. It kind of hit me all of a sudden, how despite their age, these youngens were getting out there and make something of themselves. Making changes, supporting a cause and inspiring people through food and art or music or writing. That lead me to ask, well why not me? The thing that held me back for so long from starting this blog really had nothing to do with age, but more to do with the little (annoying) voice in my head that often asked, why me? Why would people want to listen to what I have to say?

Well, I guess reading that article provided me with an answer to my question, which is….. (drummmmm roll, please!) why not me? And why not you?

If you’ve been meaning to do something for some time now, whether it be starting a novel you’ve had brewing in your head, joining a charity group or even just going for a walk, this is me asking you why not? Maybe you dream of being an actor or travelling overseas…. maybe you’ve always wanted to try your luck at a competitive sport or audition for a play. And before you ask, “Why me? Why would they choose me?”, ask yourself “Why not me?”

You may not always be successful or get what you want, but isn’t it a good feeling to set yourself up with the confidence to face everything that life throws at you! This is something I struggle with a lot, so it looks like I better start taking my own advice!

And with that, I leave thee with my absolute favourite recipe (this is a food blog after all)! It’s not my own, so I can tell you how amazing it is without sounding egocentric. And I should probably also tell you that this recipe is… well… just a little unorthodox.

“A recipe to Dream”
by Bryce Courtenay

“Take one dream. Dream it in detail.

Put it into your own hands. See its final outcome clearly in your mind. Mix it with a little effort and add a generous portion of self-discipline.

Flavour it with a wholesome pinch of ambition. Stir briskly with confidence until the mixture becomes clear, the doubt separated from the resolution. Bake at an even temperature in a moderate oven until the dream rises and its firm to the touch.

Decorate with individuality. Cut into generous portions and serve with justifiable pride.

Approached in this manner, life is a piece of cake.

Good luck.

Good luck is what always comes to those who use the recipe for dreaming and having dreamed their dream, never, never give up until they have achieved it.”

Wishing you a happy, happy day!



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