Hey you! Looky here!

Now that I’ve caught your attention, welcome to “Earth to Heart”!

As a novice blogger, I must admit that blogging is a strange experience… not so much for those on the receiving end, but for the person writing the blog. The fact that people might actually want to read about my culinary adventures and the general life-related stuff that goes on in the mind of a teenager is kind of weird… but I like it. Of course, that’s assuming that this actually gets read, in which case, a big warm cyber hug is coming your way! But if it doesn’t get read… well then I may just ask my dear mother to hop on the computer and have a little look-see. Just so I get a view or two.. that’s what family is for, right?!

Annnyway, moving on! My blog, Earth to Heart, will be made up of recipes, café reviews and even the odd non-food related post (shock horror!) all bundled together for your reading enjoyment.

I created this blog (like many before me) because I have a particular love for writing, food and a whole heap of other things in life that have no reason not to be shared! Perhaps one day it’ll be an inspirational post, another day a cafe review, and another day, a recipe or two. Who knows, but let’s find out!

Oh and whatever your story, I hope you’ll find a little something here at Earth to Heart.


Your fellow earthling,



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